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email marketing course

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Here's the course everyone is talking about! Learn how million-dollar marketers manage their email campaigns. From start to finish, this course takes you all the way from beginner to expert. Now you can get that well-rounded education in email marketing YOU need to make money with your own successful email campaigns. Today's price only $97.00! (Regularly $497)

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Do Any of These Sound Like You?

--  Have an email list, but haven’t really done much with it

--  Have a list, but feel like your subscribers barely listen to you

--  Want to ramp up your current email marketing efforts, but you think you just have to add more opt-ins

--  Unsubscribe rate seems ridiculously high?

--  Have a small list of subscribers and think you just have to grow it bigger before it can be profitable?

What You'll Learn in This Course

This course covers the things you need to know to build the type of relationship with your email subscribers that leads to lasting loyalty and profits. We’ll cover both basic and advanced strategies. Almost every lesson comes with an assignment and worksheets, so that you can easily implement what you've learned. You’ll be completing those activities as you move through the program. By the end, you should already be well on your way to a strong relationship with the people on your email list.

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By the time you finish this course, you will have:

⇨ Identified reasons it’s essential to have strong relationships with your list of email subscribers.
⇨ Assessed the current state of your email autoresponder efforts and where you need to improve.
⇨ Identified the actions you will take to increase the number of your list subscribers.
⇨ Written or revised your current welcome email so that it sets the right tone and gets your subscriber relationship started in the right direction.
⇨ Identified what your readers want to hear in your emails.
⇨ Brainstormed ideas for email content your readers will find valuable.
⇨ Written emails that keep your subscribers engaged and interested in reading your content.
⇨ Listed ways you will build your subscriber relationship outside of email.
⇨ Outlined which types of income you will focus on getting from autoresponder vs. broadcast emails (passive vs. active income).
⇨ Drafted an action plan for moving forward with your subscriber relationship-building efforts.

Here’s an Outline of Just Some of the Subjects Included . . .

Email marketing is one of the primary methods of communicating with your audience. This course, with downloads and swipe files, shows how to build a lasting relationship with your email subscribers leading to ongoing loyalty and profits.

  • What is an Email List

  • The Customer Value Journey

  • Maximizing the Customer Value Journey

  • Basics of Email Marketing

  • Different Types of Emails

  • How to Keep Your Subscribers Interested

  • Developing a Lead Scoring System

  • The Importance of a Good Introduction

  • Providing Valuable Information to Your List

  • What You Should Write About in Your Emails

  • Personalized Emails

  • Become a Subject Lines Master

  • Keep Your Readers Engaged

  • Getting Started with MailChimp Video (6 total)

  • The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing Workbook

  • Email Templates Swipe Files You Can Edit and Use

  • State of Email Marketing Report

  • Cart Abandonment Series

  • Opt-in vs. Non-Opt-in

  • Creating Your Customer Avatar

  • Segmenting Your Email List

  • The Sales Funnel Explained

  • Types of Campaigns You’ll Be Using

  • How to Write Cold Emails

  • Branding Yourself

  • Let’s Write Your Thank You Email

  • Email Analytics

  • Reaching Subscribers Outside of Your List

  • Using Segmentation in Your Emails

  • Increasing Your Open Rate

  • Timing and Frequency of Emails

  • Avoid Spam Filters

  • Email Marketing Terminology

  • Good Email Resources to Have

  • Cheatsheet Template Sample

  • Getting Started with Email Software

  • Upsell Series for After Purchase

  • Designing Your Email Strategy

  • Overview of Autoresponders

  • Understanding Autoresponder Software

  • Creating Autoresponder Emails

  • Sample Welcome Email

  • Setting Up Your Autoresponder Software

  • Principles of Good Design

  • Email Marketing Newsletters

  • Passive vs. Active Income from Your Email Marketing

  • Using Your List When Doing Ads

  • Automated Behavioral Triggered Emails

  • List Segmentation

  • Develop a Strong Connection with Your Audience

  • More Getting Started with AWeber

  • More Getting Started with Get Response

  • Deadline Email Series Templates

  • Infographic

  • Conclusion and Your Action Plan

  • No Spam Rules

  • Warming Up Your New Email

  • Building Your Email List

  • Getting People to Sign Up

  • What Subscribers Want

  • Creating Video for Your Emails

  • Why Good Email Copy is Essential

  • Writing Your Emails for Maximum Impact

  • Using First Person Call to Action

  • Design a Smart Automated Reactivation Campaign

  • 10 Ways to Make Email Marketing Work for You

  • Getting Started with AWeber Videos (8 total)

  • Getting Started with GetResponse Videos (5 total)

  • Affiliate Marketer Emails Swipe File

  • Best Email Subject Lines

  • Potential Subjects for Prospects

  • Big List of Content Ideas

  • course workbook

    Plus, we've got worksheets, downloads, a HUGE swipe file, and you'll also get access to our private member forum to ask questions. And you get TONS of video tutorials showing you exactly how to install 3 different types of email software and set it all up!

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    Our training and tutorials membership program takes YOU from ground zero to having YOUR OWN successful internet business. No matter what type of business you choose. 


    It was motivating to read about different aspects of beginning a business. So far I love everything you've put into this course and I am excited to really implement what I have learned thus far.

    -Christine Forde

    I was running my business solo and figuring this out as I went along. I felt if I just put in the time, the results would come I discovered through this training I was wrong. If you are like me and looking to grow your business online, I highly recommend MDM courses.


    -Sid Savara

    I am enjoying the material immensely. I am finding it to be very easy and instrumental in giving me the tools to see it through to the end and achieve my ultimate goals.

    -Linda Mears