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Launch Plus Formula

Want our most popular course for just $7.00?

Our Launch Plus Formula is our highly coveted system for taking your business plans and converting them into a step-by-step outline. It's also the last step in our Foundation Series and summarizes everything you need to do to get your business off the ground. 

Yes, I want this mini course for just $7!
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This course is our mini-course where you'll learn how to put together your own Launch Plus Formula

Here, we cover the benefits of putting together a strategic launch plan for your own business. You'll learn why some product launches fail and what you can do to ensure your success. 

You'll learn how to name your business (if you haven't already) by examining the psychology of a business name, and you'll learn how to easily register a domain name that is right for you. 

Here's What Else You Get with this Sample Course

  • You'll learn the basics of how to create your irresistible offer and what makes an offer that your prospects can't refuse. You'll learn methods for making your offer believable so you're prospects know, like, and trust you

  • You'll learn how to position your product or service for your own customers and prospects, including ways to add value. You'll learn how to create a positioning statement which makes you unique in your customer's mind.

  • Not just theory. These are the SAME secrets million-dollar marketers use to build their OWN businesses. Includes steps you can take right now to get started.

  • Follow our recommended guide for completing this course, or do it in the order you choose, when you need it. It’s self-paced and online so you can go at your own speed. And get a peek inside our members-only forum where all your questions are answered.

  • And that's not all . . . !

    You'll learn about back-end offer strategies, and create your own back-end strategies for your offer. 

    You'll learn all about how to price your product or service and create a pricing strategy that works perfectly for you.

    Then, you'll learn the different phases of a business launch and what makes each phase successful. Our launch module covers subjects like:

    Pre-launch: Laying the foundation, building buzz, and creating content. 

    Product Launch: Planning the mid-way point of your launch and project management.

    Post-Launch: What to do after your launch is done, (Smiling all the way to the bank is not enough!) and scaling your business for further growth.

    This course includes our Product Launch Checklist and our special Launch Plus workbook which walks you through all the steps above. 

    Best of all, this mini-course entitles you to all the benefits as a member of Million Dollar Marketer, so you can get feedback and input from our experts and mentors. 

    Join us today and start building your financial future online.

    Our training and tutorials membership program takes YOU from ground zero to having YOUR OWN successful internet business. No matter what type of business you choose. 


    It was motivating to read about different aspects of beginning a business. So far I love everything you've put into this course and I am excited to really implement what I have learned thus far.

    -Christine Forde

    I was running my business solo and figuring this out as I went along. I felt if I just put in the time, the results would come I discovered through this training I was wrong. If you are like me and looking to grow your business online, I highly recommend MDM courses.


    -Sid Savara

    I am enjoying the material immensely. I am finding it to be very easy and instrumental in giving me the tools to see it through to the end and achieve my ultimate goals.

    -Linda Mears