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Make a FULL TIME income writing for clients with this complete 8-course bundle.

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We provide our members with an efficient framework that helps them optimize every part of an online writing business by combining proven traditional writing methodology and digital marketing efforts in one.

This is for anyone who is looking to start a business and getting paid to do what they love -- writing! This bundle includes 8 of our most popular courses not only to teach you writing skills, but also showing you how to apply this knowledge to getting clients.

Our systematic framework includes everything you need to succeed in your new online writing career, such as support systems, tutorials and training, and a community of like-minded entrepreneurs all working together.

Guaranteed immediate and long-term results.


Most writing courses do a good enough job in teaching you the skills of writing. But this course goes a step further.... Now you can learn how to start and run a successful writing business from home. 

In this 8-course bundle, we've include each aspect of a successful writing business and show you how to optimize each of these areas for your own business

Our private forum and mentoring provide you with tons of support, interaction, and constructive critique to help YOU on your journey to your successful online business writing for clients. 

There's NO program out there that covers everything you need to know to have your own writing business, until now.

We mean from A to Z. 

As in, every single thing you need to know.

All in one place... 

This Writing for Clients 8-course is a business in a box designed with the new entrepreneur in mind
. Someone like you, who wants to get their new writing business going but doesn't know where to start. Or maybe you already write for money on the side, but you'd like to earn more. Or maybe you just want to learn how to market your writing business. Either way, we've got you covered. 

Keep scrolling to see just some of the courses you'll receive.

Here is What You Get with Writing for Clients

  • More than 8 individual digital marketing and business courses from beginning through advanced levels, each comprehensive enough to be its own standalone course. Everything you need to become a paid writer all in one place. Access the courses 24/7 or whenever you need them.

  • This massive bundle comes with all the downloadable PDFs, and more that you’ll need to be successful, so you can print them out and refer to them at any time. Each course is designed to help you go through your online business one area at a time and maximize each area to its fullest potential. 

  • Not just theory. These are the secrets that people (like us) have used to make an income from writing. All courses include complete instructions and steps you can take right now. Not only do you get the writing courses, you also get the marketing courses to go along with them. Add this knowledge to your existing writing business or start completely from scratch, and watch your revenue grow each month. 

  • Follow our recommended guide for completing the courses, or do them in the order you choose, when you need it. It’s all self-paced and online so you can go at your own speed. And no more confusion -- we're right here for any question you might have. 

  • Here's What's Included in This 8-Course Bundle:

    Copywriting Strategies for Persuasion

  • Introduction

  • Welcome to Copywriting

    Introduction to Copywriting

    Why Good Copy is Essential

  • Three Key Types of Emails and Their Benefits

  • What Should You Write About?

  • Grammar and Punctuation Perfection

  • Introduction

    Parts of Speech
    Who/Whom /Whoever/Whomever

    Affect vs. Effect

    Good vs. Well

    Parts of a Sentence

    Complete and Incomplete Sentences


    Sound Alike Words

    Grammar Link

  • Writing For Maximum Impact

  • Downloads, Tools and Resources

  • Copywriting for Email Template

    Summary Checklist for Emails

    7-Point Checklist for Emails

    Vocabulary Wheel
    Copywriting Terminology

    Copywriting Resources

    Great Copywriting Blogs

    Copywriting Examples for Fitness Niche

    Our Copywriting Ebook LeadMagnet

    50 Ads That Made Millions for Coaches and Consultants

    500 Guest Posting Opportunities

  • Writing Best Practices

  • Email Best Practices and Sample Studies

    Copywriting Using NLP

  • Articles

  • Use First Person in Call to Actions & Get 90% Increase in Click Through Rate

    Use Emotion Triggers in Headline Ads to Get 6x Above Average CTR

    Best Chrome Extensions for Copywritin

  • 66 Copywriting Tips That Will Boost Your Conversion Rates By 327%

  • Introduction to 66 Copywriting Tips

  • 23 Rarely Used Copywriting Techniques To Create Fascinating

  • Content

  • What Should You Write About?

  • How Fake News Impacts Your Site

  • 48 Fatal SEO Mistakes

  • Fatal Content Mistakes

    Fatal Technical Mistakes

    Bad Advice and Not Realistic Expectations

  • Writing Great Headlines

  • Creating Great Headlines

    Suggestions for Better Headlines

  • Let's Write Your Email

  • Your Thank You Email

    Write with AI

  • Conclusion

  • Attract Your Ideal Client With Content Writing

  • What is Content Marketing?

  • Welcome to Content Marketing

    What is Content Marketing?

  • Why Use Content Marketing?

  • Why Use Content Marketing?

    Objectives for Using Content for Marketing Purpose

  • Types Of Content Marketing?

  • Types of Content Marketing

    Private Label Rights

    24 Evergreen Content Types That Will Boost Your Traffi

  • Curating Content

  • Use Content To Get Leads

  • Content Marketing and Social Media

  • Downloads and Resources

  • Tools for Content Marketing

    Best Chrome Extensions for Content Marketing

    Vocabulary Wheel

    Content Marketing Terminology

    100 Killer Ideas for Your Social Media Content

    Seven Challenges Workbook

    500 Guest Posting Opportunities

    Free Tools for Writers

    Creating Content that Sells - Short Video Training by Ami Spencer Young

  • How To Engage Your Audience With your Stories

  • Why Do You Need a Good Story?

    Techniques for Telling Stories That Engage Your Audience

  • How To Write Killer Headlines

  • Your Titles and Headlines

    Some Tips for Better Headlines

  • Outsource Your Writing

  • Your Differentiation Strategy

  • Making Sure Your Product is Different

  • Pricing Your Product

  • Creating Products Form Interviews

  • Interviews

  • Creating Your Content Marketing Strategy

  • Content Marketing Tips

    Create An Effective CM Strateg

  • Writing Article Tips

  • Article Tips

    Writing Your First Article

  • Content Marketing Trends

  • Articles

  • Boost traffic by 300% While Using Editorial Calendars

    Write on Medium to Get Awareness Through 6.2 Million Pageviews

    Use Content Syndication & Get a Constant Traffic of 250,000 Unique Visitors
     Collaborate with Influencers to Write About Your Product to Generate Over $300.000 in 3 Months

    Long Form vs. Short Form Content: Which Ranked Better in 2016?

    Copywriting Using NLP

    27 Ways to Repurpose Your Content

    How to Create an Ebook

    Brand Yourself Like A Pro

  • Introduction to Branding Yourself Like a Pro

  • All About Branding

  • Welcome and Introduction

    Your Pedestal
    Niche Example

    Defining Your Niche

    How to Choose a Niche

    Music Niche Example

    Personal Brand Worksheet

    Poorly Effective Monetizing Strategies

    Moderately Effective Monetizing Strategies

    Best Monetizing Strategies

    Picking a Brand Name

    Your Photo

    Your LinkedIn Reputation

    Your Twitter Reputation

    Podcasts and Radio Shows

    Paid Publicity
    Your Website

    About Me

    Your YouTube Reputation

    Amazon Author Page

    Crunchbase → Yelp for Authority

    Making Images Rank

    Removing Negative Search Results

    Google Keyword Tool for Your Name


  • Getting Onto Shows

  • Show Introduction

    Show Goals and Strategies
    Content Repurposing

    Show Monetization

    Episode Publishing Schedule

    Example of Newsy and Evergreen Niche

    Partnering and Guests for a Show

    Live Show Introduction

    How to Run a Live Show

    How to Go Live on YouTube and Facebook


  • Your New Book

  • Book Writing Introduction

    How Anyone Can Write a Book

    Book Marketing Strategies

    Free and Paid Options for Doing Your Book

  • Your New Course

  • Introduction to Udemy

    Where to Sell Your Course and For How Much

    What Course Topics Can You Teach

    Udemy Market Research

    Course Quality Checklist

    How to Create a Course Outline

    How to Make Your Course Flow Well
    Your Course Roadmap
    Case Studies of Successful Instructors

    My Personal Brand Failures
    Mobile App Case Study

    YouTube Pedestal
    Book Case Study

    Personal Branding with Udemy

  • LinkedIn

  • LinkedIn as a Resume
    LinkedIn Images

    Website Listing on Your Profile

    Changing Your LinkedIn Byline

    Your LinkedIn About Section

    Skills, Endorsements, and Recommendations

    Asking for a Recommendation

    Experience and Other Sections

    Five Hundred Connections

    Citations Through a Company Page

    LinkedIn Groups

    Feed and Updates

    Creating a Book Cover

    Personal Brand Sales Video

    Where to Sell Your Books

  • Instagram

  • Introduction to Instagram

    Different Types of Instagram Content

    Instagram Feed Algorithm

    The Discover Algorithm

    Reels on Instagram

    Carousel Posts on Instagram

    Introduction to Instagram Stories

    Whom You Should Follow

    Five Thousand Followers

    Enabling Insights in Instagram

  • Ideas

  • Your Facebook Strategy for Your Personal Brand

    Meme Introduction

    How to Find Funny Memes

    How to Create Images for Memes

    How to Create a Gif Meme

    Creating Quotables

    Fill in the Blanks Downloadable Form

    Branding Links and Resources Download

    Learn To Blog Like A Pro

  • Introduction and Welcome

  • Welcome to Blog Like a Pro

    Course Objectives

  • About Blogging

  • What is a Blog?

    Choosing the Right Topic/Niche

    How Can Blogging be Profitable?

    Choosing a Domain Name That Gets Your Blog Noticed

    Choosing a Blog Name

    Starting to Write for Your First Blog

    Examples of Successful Blogs

    Deciding on a Platform

    Setting Up Your Blog Site

    Getting Your Own Host and Setting Your Blog Up Properly
    A Case Study

    Know Your Audience

  • Writing For Your Blog

  • What to Write About

    Determining Your Blog Topics

    Writing for Your Blog

    Types of Blogs and Blog Posts

    Writing Sponsored Reviews

    Creating Amazing Content

    Creating Graphics and Images

    Brainstorming for Ideas

    Writer's Tools

    Keyword and Content Research

    Creating Viral Content for Your Blog

    Checking Your Blog Post for Plagiarism

  • Guest Posting

  • Guest Blogging, Forums and Comments

    Best Chrome Extensions for Content Marketing

    Content Marketing Terminology

    100 Killer Ideas for Your Social Media Content

    Seven Challenges Workbook

    500 Guest Posting Opportunities

    Free Tools for Writers

    Creating Content that Sells - Short Video Training by Ami Spencer Youngs

  • Marketing Your Blog

  • Promoting Your Blog and Driving Traffic

    A Proven Blogging Strategy that Works in Any Niche

  • Email Marketing For Your Blog

  • Email Marketing for Your Blog

    The Basics of Email Marketing

    Overview of the Different Types of Emails

    Building Your Email LIst


  • Monetizing Your Blog

  • Monetizing Your Blog

    Making Money with Your Blog

    More Monetizing Your Blog

    How to Make Money From Your Blog Sustainably

    Google Adsense

    Set Up Your Shopping Cart and Accounts

    Design a Media Kit for Your Blog

  • Secrets For Successful Blogging

  • Secrets for Successful Blogging

    4 Reasons Why People Don’t Read Your Blog

    How to Identify Influencers Within a Niche

    An Example of Exceptional Content


  • Social Media Marketing for Your Blog

  • Maximize Your Blogging Efforts though Social Medi

  • Setting Up Your RSS

  • Setting Up Systems for Email Updates

  • Common Mistakes for Bloggers

  • Basic SEO for Your Blog

    Understanding Analytics

    Analyzing Your Blog's Performance

  • Articles

  • What Should YOU Put in YOUR Navigation Bar?

    What Tech Do You Really Need to Run an Online Business?

    Why You Need a Mailing List and Giveaway

    Getting Started with Viral Content

    Mistakes to Avoid When You Start a Blog

    Use Content Syndication & Get a Constant Traffic of 250,000 Unique Visitors
    Write on Medium to Get Awareness Through 6.2 Million Pageviews

  • Downloads, Tools and Resources

  • Vocabulary Wheel

    Great Links

    60-Second Blog Plan (by Digital Marketer)

    212 Blog Post Ideas (by Digital Marketer)

    More Stock Images Links

    Million Dollar Marketer Blogging Checklist

    Blogging Mastery Workbook

    Writing A Press Release

    Introduction To Press Releases

    Welcome and Introduction to Writing a Press Release

    Why Do a Press Release?

    Introduction to Writing a Press Release

    How To Write A Press Release Line-by-Line

    Starting to Write

    Headline Examples

    More Headline Examples

    Bio and Contact Sections

    Impacts of Copy and Paste on SEO by Journalist

    Examples Of Press Releases

    Example for New Discounts

    Promoting Your Press Release

    Submitting Your Press Release

    Getting Results from Your Press Release

    20 Websites to Promote Your Press Release

    Exercises For Writing Press Releases

    Press Release Exercise

    Press Release Exercise Answer

    Press Release Title Exercise

    Press Release Title Exercise Answer

    Bonus Promotion Strategies

    Four Marketing Hacks to Promote Yourself

    Getting Organized

    Downloads, Tools and Resources

    Press Release Template

    Free and Cheap Press Release Submission Sites

    Kindle Profits

    Introduction To Kindle Publishing

    Why Kindle

    Ideas For your Book

    Coming Up With Ideas for Your Kindle Book

    Publishing On Kindle

    Starting an Amazon Account

    How to Format Your Book for Kindle

    Setting Up Your Metadata

    How to Set Your Book Price

    Amazon's Royalty Program for Kindle

    Designing Your Cover Art for Your Book

    Publishing on Kindle

    Creating Your Book

    Using the Kindle Platform

    Promoting Your New Book

    How to Promote Your Kindle Book with a Website

    How to Promote Your Kindle Book with a Blog

    Promoting Your Kindle Book on Social Media

    How to Promote Your Kindle Book with Free Reviews

    Kindle Unlimited

    Growing Your Kindle Empire

    The Future of Kindle



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    Nancy D.

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    Lourdes D.

    This is the best option I could find. I'm so glad that we were able to enroll in this course. It's made a huge difference for both myself and my partner.

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    The best part of all is that all of this is at no risk to you with our 30-day money-back guarantee


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