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Finally, a comprehensive platform that empowers you in every area of your online business.


We provide our members with an efficient framework that helps them optimize every part of an online business by combining proven traditional and digital marketing efforts in one.

This is for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to start an online business or grow their existing business using expert methods and industry best practices.

Our systematic framework includes everything you need to succeed, such as support systems, tutorials and training, and a community of like-minded entrepreneurs all working together.

Guaranteed immediate and long-term results.


Our membership program is packed with 40+ full-length, detailed, digital marketing, business, and skills courses.

We've taken each part of a successful online business and show you how to optimize each system for your own business

Our private forum and optional group coaching services provide you with tons of support, interaction, and constructive critique to help YOU on your journey to your first truly successful online business. 

Imagine, having your own online business a month from now. All laid out and operating at top efficiency. And bringing sales in your inbox week after week, month after month.

Our training and tutorials take you from ground zero to running a successful internet business – no matter what type of business you want to start. If you already have a business that's not making money, that's okay too - just apply what you learn inside of your business. It doesn't have to be confusing - we show you how.

We’ve simplified the process of taking an online business from so-so to profitable, and we're ready to help YOU grow your online business as quickly as possible.


There's NO program out there that covers it ALL, until now.

We mean from A to Z. 

As in, every single thing you need to know.

All in one place... 

Million Dollar Marketer was designed with the newer entrepreneur in mind
. Someone like you, who wants to get their new business going but doesn't know where to start. Or who has a business but needs to make more income from it. No matter what type of online business you’re looking at. 

Keep scrolling to see just some of the courses and bundles that you'll receive.

Your Million Dollar Marketer Membership Gets You All This!

We’re always adding new content and courses. As of February 1, 2023, here's what we've got. 

Just click on the course name to see everything inside.

          ➤ Million Dollar Mindset . . . Value $397

          Why does mindset matter when starting a new business?

          Having the right mindset should be the first step in starting your own successful business. We will show you why mindset is the key to a million-dollar business. The mindset is the key to a million-dollar business.  Includes access to our mentors and private forum for Q&A.

          ●What is Mindset?

          ● Your Thoughts

          ● Law of Attraction

          ● Power of Intention

          ● Growth Mindset

          ● Confidence

          ● Eliminating Excuses

          ● You Can Image

          ● Your Passion

          ● Creating Your Vision

          ● Bonus Articles, Affirmations, Videos and more

          ➤ Goal Setting for Success . . . Value $297

          The first steps towards success are setting business goals, financial goals and personal goals. Having goals in place helps you to know how you're going to get things started. This course helps you dive right in and figure out what you really want.  Includes access to our mentors and private forum for Q&A.

          ● Personal Goals

          ● Business Goals

          ● Financial Goals

          ● Your Vision Board

          ● Articles, Downloads, and more

          ➤ Conducting Market Research . . . Value $497

          When you are preparing for your new business it's important to take the time needed to do the right research BEFORE you begin. In this course, we're going to explore why market research is vital to the success of your business.  Includes access to our mentors and private forum for Q&A.

          ● Introduction to Market Research

          ● How To Spy on Your Competitors

          ● Your Research Action Plan

          ● Research Your Competitors’ Customers

          ● Analyze Your Competitive Data

          ● Paid Tools for Market Research

          ● Assess Your Competitive Standing

          ● Analysis of Individual Competitor’s Product Key Success Factors ● Tools, Resources, and Downloads

          ➤ Getting to Know Your Ideal Clients . . . Value $497

          Learn how to determine exactly who your customer is. Then you can tailor your offer and your sales message directly to that customer. We'll be showing you the tools used and methods that successful marketers use when doing customer research.  Includes access to our mentors and private forum for Q&A.

          ● Introduction

          ● Creating Your Customer Survey

          ● Creating Your Customer Interview

          ● Suggested Interview Questions

          ● Creating Your Customer Personas

          ● Putting It All Together

          ● Cooperative Communication Skills

          ● Tools, Downloads, and Resources

          ➤ Create Your Launch Plus Formula . . . Value $997

          Here is where you take all you've put together in the other Foundation Courses and create your own specialized business blueprint designed just for YOU.  Includes access to our mentors and private forum for Q&A.

          ● Why Every Product Needs a Launch

          ● Naming Your Business

          ● Make Your Offer Irresistible

          ● Positioning Your Product or Service

          ● Back-End Selling and Secondary Offers

          ● Pricing Your Product

          ● Creating a Pricing Strategy

          ● Monitoring Your Pricing

          ● Lowering and Raising Prices

          ● Steps for Success in the Pre-Launch Phase

          ● Laying the Foundation

          ● Building the Buzz

          ● Creating Launch Content

          ● The Product Launch Phase

          ● New Launch Project Management

          ● Post Launch Priorities

          ● Scaling Your Business

          ● Securing a Small Business Grant

          ● Basics of Telemarketing

          ● Brand Building for Your Startup

          ● Successful Launch Checklist

          ● Launch PLUS Formula Workbook

          ➤ Building a Website . . . Value $997

          A website does not have to be intimidating. With these steps, anyone can plan and create their first successful website within hours. Use these tutorials to help you create yours and make it into something that brings you revenue for years to come.  Includes access to our mentors and private forum for Q&A.

          ● Introduction to Building a Website

          ● 10 Basics of Website Design

          ● Domain Names and Hosting

          ● Hosting Your Domain with Hostgator

          ● Hosting Your Domain with BlueHost

          ● Domain Bulk Registration

          ● Domain Nameservers

          ● HTML Basics

          ● What is SEO?

          ● Search Engines

          ● Basic Principles for SEO in Text

          ● Search Engine Marketing Strategies

          ● Your Keywords

          ● Recommended SEO Tools

          ● Basics of Setting Up a WordPress Site

          ● Creating High Converting Landing Pages

          ● Pitfalls That Kill Your Page Performance

          ● Shopping Cart Setup

          ● Testing Your Website

          ● How to Make Your New Site Mobile Friendly

          ● Checklist for a Mobile-Friendly Website

          ● Best Chrome Extension for Website Optimization

          ● Great WordPress Plugins

          ● WordPress Themes

          ● Use First Person Call-to-Action

          ● Getting Started with WordPress Video Tutorials (23 total)

          ● WordPress Installation Checklist

          ● Groove Video Tutorials

          ● Website Analytics and Speed Testing

          ● Random Free Tools

          ● Free Link Tools

          ➤ All About Landing Pages . . . Value $997

          The landing page is the first thing your prospect sees when they want to learn more about you. Learn how to get their attention within the first 5 seconds including the best practices used by the expert marketers for getting conversions.  Includes access to our mentors and private forum for Q&A.

          ● Welcome and Introduction

          ● The Landing Page System

          ● Before Getting Started

          ● Planning Your Landing Page Theme

          ● Writing a Landing Page that Converts

          ● Increasing Your Landing Page Conversion Rate

          ● Costly Pitfalls that Kill Your Page Performance

          ● Driving Traffic to Your Landing Page

          ● Use First Person Call to Action

          ● Unique System to Gain Trust of Customers

          ● Clickfunnels Video Tutorials (10 total)

          ● Leadpages Video Tutorials (10 total)

          ● Landing Page Checklist

          ➤ Setting Up Your Systems . . . Value $397

          There are a number of steps that go into creating your own online business. In this course, we cover the primary systems you'll need to ensure your business success and industry best practices for getting everything set up like a professional.  Includes access to our mentors and private forum for Q&A.

          ● Welcome and Introduction

          ● Different Types of Systems

          ● Best Chrome Extensions for Productivity

          ● Overview of Autoresponders

          ● Autoresponder Software

          ● Hiring a Virtual Assistant Video Series (3 total)

          ● Stripe Payment Processing Video Series (20 total)

          ● Running a Affiliate Program

          ● Links to Systems

          ● Setting Up Your Systems Workbook

          ➤ Diving Deep into Sales Funnels . . . Value $1997

          A sales funnel is the heart of your online business. Learn the top secrets of the expert marketers, what to avoid, and what must be included within these steps to creating your own successful funnel for your new online business.  Includes access to our mentors and private forum for Q&A.

          ● Welcome and Introduction

          ● What is a Sales Funnel

          ● Simple Sales Funnel Explained

          ● Why Use Sales Funnels

          ● What Constitutes a Sales Funnel

          ● Building Trust

          ● Choosing Your Products

          ● Part 1 - The Basic Sales Funnel Structure

          ● Part 2 - Generating Leads at the Front End

          ● Part 3 - Generating Back End Profits

          ● Part 4 - How to Set Up a Sales Funnel

          ● Targeting Your Audience

          ● Research Your Competition

          ● Ways to Spy on Your Competitors

          ● Setting Up a Sample Sales Funnel

          ● Using Persuasive Writing

          ● Adding Polish

          ● Pricing Within Your Sales Funnel

          ● Timesaving Tools and Resources

          ● Increasing Conversion Rates

          ● Advanced Techniques in Funnels

          ● Funnel Hacking

          ● Funnel Conversion Webinar

          ● Funnel Optimization

          ● Funnel Hacking Video Series (10 total)

          ● Landing Page Checklist

          ● Sales Funnel Workbook

          ● Sales Funnel Checklist

          ● Successful Ad Campaigns

          ● Post, Ad, and Email Templates

          ● Irresistible Lead Magnets and Landing Pages

          ● Winning Ad Copy Formulas

          ➤ Advertising Your New Business . . . Value $997

          Creating your best ads is one of the top 10 pieces of effective marketing for any online business. In this course, you'll learn all the best practices, see what works, and learn what to avoid in order to bring buyers to your inbox like the experts.  Includes access to our mentors and private forum for Q&A.

          ● Welcome and Introduction

          ● Benefits of Online Advertising

          ● Concerns of Online Advertising

          ● Types of Online Advertising

          ● The Basics of Online Display Ads

          ● How Ads are Paid For

          ● Which Ad Formats are Best for You?

          ● Branding Yourself

          ● Keywords

          ● Making Money with AdSense

          ● Customer Testimonials

          ● Viral Articles

          ● Advertising with an Email Newsletter

          ● Writing a Press Release

          ● Writing a Great Ad

          ● Using Analytics to Track Results

          ● Getting Free Publicity

          ● The Marketing Power of Free Publicity

          ● Search Engine Marketing

          ● Pay Per Click

          ● Increase Your Conversion Rate with Site-Link Extension

          ● Using Emotion Triggers in Headline Ads

          ● Using Reddit to Grow Your Business

          ● Using Editorial Calendars

          ● Targeting Online Communities

          ● Paid Promotion on Social Media

          ● Creating Fantastic Video Content

          ● Traffic Hacks to Boost Your Website

          ● Online Advertising Terminology

          ● Winning Ad Copy Formulas

          ● 50 Ads that Made Millions

          ➤ Your Own Membership Site . . . Value $997

          Owning your own membership site is a profitable venture that virtually anyone can do. In this course, we explore what's needed to start your own membership and explore some of the software and options available to you for creating a membership site.  Includes access to our mentors and private forum for Q&A.

          ● Getting Started

          ● Types of Membership Sites

          ● Membership Site Ideas

          ● Get a Domain Name

          ● Web Hosting

          ● Membership Software

          ● Autoresponders

          ● File and Content Hosting for Your Membership Site

          ● Content Protection

          ● Collecting Names and Email Addresses

          ● Video Streaming

          ● Page and Content Protection for Course Platforms

          ● Page Protection in WordPress

          ● Page Protection with Shopping Carts

          ● Recurring Payments for Affiliates Part 1 and 2

          ● Collecting the Contact Email Addresses

          ● Bundling Products for Your Members

          ● Content Archiving in WishList Member

          ● Independent Processes

          ● Content Dripping

          ● Membership Component Tagging

          ● Components of a Membership

          ● Finding New Members

          ● Getting Traffic to Your Membership Site

          ● Retaining Your Members

          ● Increasing Your Income

          ● Running an Affiliate Program for Extra Profits

          ➤ How to Use Zoom Video . . . Value $197

          Zoom is made for online meetings, where you can share your screen and your camera as well as message participants in real-time. Most notably Zoom can also be used as a webinar system. In this course, you'll get a hands-on look at how it all works.  Includes access to our mentors and private forum for Q&A. 

          ● Introduction to Zoom

          ● Meeting Settings

          ● Adding in Your Calendar

          ● User Settings

          ● Live Closed Captioning

          ● Creating a Meeting Parts 1 and 2

          ● Creating a Webinar

          ➤ Thinkific Tutorials . . . Value $497

          Thinkific is a popular platform for hosting your online courses and it's what we use! In this full-length course, you'll learn all about setting up your online course and best practices for monetizing your courses through Thinkific.  Includes access to our mentors and private forum for Q&A.

          ● Introduction to Thinkific

          ● Settings Parts 1 and 2

          ● Course Curriculum

          ● Course Settings

          ● Additional Curriculum Settings

          ● Additional Curriculum Elements

          ● Additional Course Settings

          ● Publishing and Landing Page Creation

          ● Course Bundles

          ● Course Categories

          ● Add Instructors and Revenue Sharing

          ● Video Library in the Settings

          ● Customizing the Videos

          ● Customizing the Course Site

          ● Your Sales Widget

          ● Integrations

          ● Communities

          ● Certificates

          ● Assignments

          ● Surveys

          ● Course Accreditation

          ● Exponential Marketing - Coupons and Membership

          ● List Building and Autoresponders

          ● Upsell with Shopping Cart

          ● Community and Education - Live Webinar on Zoom

          ● Affiliate Management

          ● Sample 16-Week Template

          ➤ Create Your Own Online Summit . . . Value $197

          Online summits are great to have if you have a coaching or consulting business and want to reach the masses. In this course, you'll learn the basics experts have used over the years for creating and monetizing your own online summit.  Includes access to our mentors and private forum for Q&A.

          ● Introduction

          ● Small Business Summit Best Practice Strategy

          ● Online Business Best Practice Strategy

          ● Finding Your Presenters

          ● Building Your List

          ● Finding Your Audience

          ● Automation

          ● Choosing Your Venue

          ● Outsourcing During Your Summit

          ● Monetization

          ● Reverse Engineering the Summit

          ➤ Graphic Design with Canva . . . Value $297

          Great graphic design is one of the most critical elements of getting your business noticed, yet it's often the most expensive part of starting a business. Learn how to save thousands by doing your own professional graphic design work in Canva.  Includes access to our mentors and private forum for Q&A.

          ● Introduction to Canva

          ● Creating Business Cards, Posters and Flyers

          ● Creating Postcards and Invitations

          ● Canva for Work Trial

          ● Resizing Images

          ● Branding

          ● Animation

          ● Images Access and Storage

          ● Transparent Backgrounds

          ● Working with Fonts

          ● Pinterest Pin

          ● Business Card

          ● Facebook Event Cover

          ● Instagram Post

          ● YouTube Thumbnail

          ● How to Create Infographics

          ● Resizing Your Images

          ● How to Create a PDF File within Word

          ● How to Create a Zip File within Word

          ● Big List of Stock Photos and Graphic Design Links

          ● Brand Yourself

          ● Canva Shortcuts

          ● Free Canva Design Templates

          ➤ Brand Yourself Like a Pro . . . Value $697

          Having a memorable business brand is what makes prospects remember you. In this course, we look at the top methods expert marketers use to create their own brand and show you how to apply this expertise to your own business as well.  Includes access to our mentors and private forum for Q&A.

          ● Welcome and Introduction to Branding Yourself Like a Pro

          ● Your Pedestal

          ● A Niche Example

          ● Defining Your Niche

          ● How to Choose a Niche

          ● Music Niche Example

          ● Personal Brand Worksheet

          ● Poorly Effective Monetizing Strategies

          ● Moderately Effective Monetizing Strategies

          ● Best Monetizing Strategies

          ● Picking a Brand Name

          ● Your Photo

          ● Your LinkedIn Reputation

          ● Your Twitter Reputation

          ● Podcasts and Radio Shows

          ● Paid Publicity

          ● Your Website

          ● About Me

          ● Your YouTube Reputation

          ● Amazon Author Page

          ● Crunchbase

          ● Yelp for Authority

          ● Making Images Rank

          ● Removing Negative Search Results

          ● Google Keyword Tool for Your name

          ● LinkTree ● Getting Onto Shows

          ● Show Goals and Strategies

          ● Content Repurposing

          ● Show Monetization

          ● Episode Publishing Schedule

          ● Example of Newsy and Evergreen Niche

          ● Partnering and Guests for a Show

          ● Live Show Introduction

          ● How to Run a Live Show

          ● How to Go Live on YouTube and Facebook

          ● Restreaming

          ● Writing Your New Book Introduction

          ● How Anyone Can Write a Book

          ● Book Marketing Strategies

          ● Free and Paid Options for Doing Your Book

          ● Your New Course - Introduction to Udemy

          ● Where to Sell Your Course and for How Much

          ● What Course Topics Can You Teach

          ● Udemy Market Research

          ● Course Quality Checklist

          ● How to Create a Course Outline

          ● How to Make Your Course Flow Well

          ● Your Course Roadmap

          ● Case Studies of Successful Instructors

          ● My Personal Brand Failures

          ● Mobile App Case Study

          ● YouTube Pedestal

          ● Book Case Study

          ● Personal Branding with Udemy

          ● Linked In as a Resume

          ● LinkedIn Images

          ● Website Listing on Your Profile

          ● Changing Your LinkedIn Byline

          ● Your LinkedIn About Section

          ● Skills, Endorsements, and Recommendations

          ● Asking for a Recommendation

          ● Experience and Other Sections

          ● Five Hundred Connections

          ● Citations Through a Company Pages

          ● LinkedIn Groups

          ● LinkedIn Feed and Updates

          ● Creating a Book Cover

          ● Personal Brand Sales Video

          ● Where to Sell Your Books

          ● Introduction to Instagram

          ● Different Types of Instagram Content

          ● Instagram Feed Algorithm

          ● Reels on Instagram

          ● Carousel Posts on Instagram

          ● Introduction to Instagram Stories

          ● Whom You Should Follow

          ● Five Thousand Followers

          ● Facebook Strategy for Your Personal Brand

          ● Meme Introduction

          ● How to Find Funny Memes

          ● How to Create Images for Memes

          ● How to Create a Gif Meme

          ● Creating Quotables

          ● Fill in the Blanks Downloadable Form

          ● Branding Links and Resources Download

          ➤ Video Marketing for Beginners . . . Value $697

          There are several ways expert marketers use video to grow their online business. If you think you know them all, think again! In this course, you'll learn some of the trade industry secrets that the experts use to get their messages promoted.  Includes access to our mentors and private forum for Q&A.

          ● Introduction to Video Marketing

          ● Why You Should Be Using Online Video Marketing

          ● Incorporate Video Into Your Marketing Efforts

          ● Five Secrets of Video Marketing

          ● How to Create Your Video for Less Than $100

          ● Online Video Tips

          ● Keyword Strategies for Your Online Marketing Video

          ● How to Write Awesome Explainer Video Scripts Video Tutorials (27 total)

          ● More Online Video Tips

          ● Thank You Video

          ● Video Marketing Video Tutorials (15 total)

          ● Creating a PowerPoint Sales Video

          ● Recording Your Voice Using Camtasia Studio

          ● Using Sony Vegas Pro to Compile and Render Video

          ● How to Use Streamyard Video Tutorials (7 total)

          ● Getting Started with Explaindio Video Tutorials (4 total)

          ● Creating Fascinating Video Content

          ● Big List of Video Links and Ideas

          ➤ How to Make Your Videos Look Better . . . Value $397

          If you use or want to use videos in your new business, there are some industry best practices that the professionals won't share with you. In this course, you'll learn how to make your videos even better for higher engagement and income potential.  Includes access to our mentors and private forum for Q&A.

          ● Introduction to How to Make Your Videos Look Better

          ● Case Study - My Early Video Mistakes

          ● Preparing Your Presentations

          ● Five Video Format Options

          ● Talking Heads Genre

          ● Screencast Genre

          ● Picture in Picture Video Format

          ● Ideal Video for Teaching

          ● Body Language and Appearance

          ● Your Clothing for Videos

          ● Foam for Echo

          ● Your Microphone

          ● Lighting Setup for Filming

          ● Professional Lighting Setup

          ● Five Camera Options

          ● Editing Your Videos

          ● Video Lengths

          ➤Writing a Press Release . . . Value $297

          Once your new business starts, it's time to promote it. In this course, you'll learn how to write your press release from scratch and best practices for getting it published. Examples and samples of real, successful press releases are included.  Includes access to our mentors and private forum for Q&A.

          ● Welcome and Introduction to Writing a Press Release

          ● Why Do a Press Release

          ● Starting to Write

          ● Headline Examples

          ● Bio and Contact Sections

          ● Impacts of Copy and Paste on SEO by Journalists

          ● Examples for New Discounts

          ● Submitting Your Press Release

          ● Getting Results from Your Press Release

          ● 20 Websites to Promote Your Press Release

          ● Press Release Exercise

          ● Press Release Exercise Answer

          ● Press Release Title Exercise

          ● Press Release Title Exercise Answer

          ● Four Marketing Hacks to Promote Yourself

          ● Getting Organized

          ● Press Release Template

          ● Free and Cheap Press Release Submission Sites

          ➤ Search Engine Optimization . . . Value $997

          As an entrepreneur, you want more visitor traffic, increased visibility, brand promotion, and potential customer sales on your website. We will show you the many successful methods used to increase your online search engine rankings.  Includes access to our mentors and private forum for Q&A.

          ● Introduction to Search Engine Optimization

          ● What is SEO?

          ● The Importance of Search Engines

          ● Using an SEO Company

          ● An Inside Look at the Benefits of SEO

          ● Your Current Assessment

          ● SEO in Text and Keyword Stuffing

          ● Your Keyword List

          ● Search Engine Marketing Strategies

          ● Black Hat vs. White Hat

          ● Title and URL Influence on Rankings

          ● Dominate Your Nice with This Unique Keyword Generation Technique

          ● Long-Tail Keywords Video Tutorial

          ● SEO Analytics

          ● Meta Tags

          ● On-Page SEO

          ● Off-Page SEO

          ● Search Engine Marketing

          ● Understanding Your Target Customer

          ● SEO in Content Creation

          ● Use First Person Call to Action

          ● Build a Network of Partner Sites

          ● How a Web Design Agency Got Hit by Unnatural Links Penalty

          ● SEO and Social Media

          ● Introduction to Link Building

          ● Earning that First Link

          ● White-Hat Link Influencing

          ● Monitoring Your KPIs

          ● Website Over-Optimization

          ● Content Scams to Avoid

          ● Link Manipulation to Avoid

          ● Paid Links to Avoid

          ● SERP Spam

          ● Crooked Websites to Avoid

          ● Illegal Ways to Make Money to Avoid

          ● Vicious Tactics of Black Hats to Avoid

          ● 23 Most Important Tasks Project

          ● Recommended SEO Tools

          ● Best Chrome Extensions for SEO

          ● SEO Terminology

          ● SEO Siloing and DIY SEO

          ➤ Content Writing . . . Value $997

          The online world today is built on communicating with your audience. In this course, we explore the written word and how you can use content marketing to spread your message and build a tribe of loyal followers for maximum business growth.  Includes access to our mentors and private forum for Q&A.

          ● Introduction and Welcome to Content Marketing

          ● What is Content Marketing

          ● Why Use Content Marketing

          ● Objective for Using Content for Marketing Purposes

          ● Types of Content Marketing

          ● Private Label Rights

          ● 24 Evergreen Content Types

          ● Curating Content

          ● Using Content to Get Links

          ● Content Marketing and Social Media

          ● How to Write Engaging Content

          ● Creating an Effective Content Marketing Strategy

          ● How to Engage Your Audience with Stories 

          ● Techniques for Telling Stories that Engage Your Audience

          ● Your Titles and Headlines

          ● Some Tips for Better Headlines

          ● Outsourcing Your Writing

          ● Making Sure Your Product is Different

          ● Pricing Your Product

          ● Creating Products from Interviews

          ● Content Marketing Tips

          ● Create an Effective Content Marketing Strategy

          ● Article Writing Tips

          ● Writing Your First Article

          ● Content Marketing Trends

          ● Using Editorial Calendars

          ● Writing to Get Awareness

          ● Using Content Syndication

          ● Collaborating with Influencers

          ● Long Form vs. Short Form Content

          ● Copywriting Using NLP

          ● 27 Ways to Repurpose Your Content

          ● How to Create an Ebook

          ● Tools for Content Marketing

          ● Best Chrome Extensions for Content Marketing

          ● Vocabulary Wheel

          ● Content Marketing Terminology

          ● Killer Ideas for Your Social Media Content

          ● 500 Guest Posting Opportunities

          ● Free Tools for Writers

          ➤ Copywriting . . . Value $997

          Great copywriting is one of the basic elements of all successful online businesses. In this full-length course, you'll get expert tips on how to create your own copy that persuades your audience to act. Examples and free downloads are included.  Includes access to our mentors and private forum for Q&A.

          ● Welcome and Introduction

          ● Why Good Copy is Essential

          ● Three Key Types of Email and Their Benefits

          ● What Should You Write About

          ● Grammar and Punctuation Perfection (11-part series)

          ● Writing for Maximum Impact

          ● Email Best Practices and Sample Studies

          ● Copywriting Using NLP

          ● Using First Person Call to Action

          ● Using Emotion Triggers

          ● Best Chrome Extensions for Copywriting

          ● Copywriting Tips to Boost Your Conversion

          ● Copywriting Techniques to Create Your Content

          ● How Fake News Impacts Your Site

          ● Fatal Content Mistakes

          ● Fatal Technical Mistakes

          ● Bad Advice and Not Realistic Expectations

          ● Creating Great Headlines

          ● Suggestions for Better Headlines

          ● Your Thank You Email

          ● Write with Artificial Intelligence

          ● Copywriting for Email Template

          ● Summary Checklist for Emails

          ● 7-Point Checklist for Emails

          ● Vocabulary Wheel

          ● Copywriting Terminology

          ● Great Copywriting Blogs

          ● Copywriting Examples for Fitness Niche

          ● Our Copywriting Ebook Lead Magnet

          ● 50 Ads that Made Millions

          ● 500 Guest Posting Opportunities

          ➤ The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing . . . Value $997

          Email marketing is one of the primary methods of communicating with your audience. This course, with downloads and swipe files, shows how to build a lasting relationship with your email subscribers leading to ongoing loyalty and profits.  Includes access to our mentors and private forum for Q&A.

          ● Introduction and Welcome

          ● What is an Email List

          ● The Customer Value Journey

          ● Maximizing the Customer Value Journey

          ● Basics of Email Marketing

          ● Different Types of Emails

          ● Opt-in vs. Non-Opt-in

          ● Creating Your Customer Avatar

          ● Segmenting Your Email LIst

          ● The Sales Funnel Explained

          ● Types of Campaigns You’ll Be Using

          ● Designing Your Email Strategy

          ● Overview of Autoresponders

          ● Understanding Autoresponder Software

          ● Creating Autoresponder Emails

          ● Sample Email Series #1

          ● Sample Welcome Email

          ● Setting Up Your Autoresponder Software

          ● No Spam Rules

          ● Warming Up Your New Email

          ● Building Your Email List

          ● Getting People to Sign Up

          ● What Subscribers Want

          ● How to Keep Your Subscribers Interested

          ● Developing a Lead Scoring System

          ● How to Write Cold Emails

          ● Branding Yourself

          ● Principles of Good Design

          ● Creating Video for Your Emails

          ● Why Good Email Copy is Essential

          ● Writing Your Emails for Maximum Impact

          ● Writing Great Headlines

          ● Writing Great Emails

          ● The Importance of a Good Introduction

          ● What You Should Write About in Your Emails

          ● Providing Valuable Information to Your List

          ● Let’s Write Your Thank You Email

          ● How to Find the Best Subjects to Write About

          ● Email Analytics

          ● Reaching Subscribers Outside of Your List

          ● Email Marketing Newsletters

          ● Passive vs. Active Income from Your Email Marketing

          ● Using Your List When Doing Ads

          ● Using First Person Call to Action

          ● Design a Smart Automated Reactivation Campaign

          ● Personalized Emails

          ● Using Segmentation in Your Emails

          ● Increasing Your Open Rate

          ● Automated Behavioral Triggered Emails

          ● 10 Ways to Make Email Marketing Work for You

          ● Become a Subject Lines Master

          ● Keep Your Readers Engaged

          ● Timing and Frequency of Emails

          ● Avoid Spam Filters

          ● List Segmentation

          ● Develop a Strong Connection with Your Audience

          ● Getting Started with AWeber Videos (8 total)

          ● Getting Started with GetResponse Videos (5 total)

          ● Getting Started with MailChimp Video (6 total)

          ● The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing Workbook

          ● Email Templates Swipe Files You Can Edit and Use

          ● Email Marketing Terminology

          ● Good Email Resources to Have

          ● Cheatsheet Template Sample

          ● Getting Started with Email Software

          ● More Getting Started with AWeber

          ● More Getting Started with Get Response

          ● Sales Email Templates

          ● Affiliate Marketer Emails Swipe File

          ● Best Email Subject Lines

          ● Potential Subjects for Prospects

          ● Big List of Content Ideas

          ● State of Email Marketing Report

          ● Cart Abandonment Series

          ● Upsell Series for After Purchase

          ● Deadline Email Series Templates

          ● SMS Marketing Tips

          ● Infographic

          ● Conclusion and Your Action Plan

          ➤ Social Media Marketing: Introduction . . . Value $197

          In this introductory course, you'll learn how to determine the role that social media marketing plays in your online business as well as how to get the most from the social media training included in the following courses.  Includes access to our mentors and private forum for Q&A.

          ● Welcome to Our Social Media Marketing Collection

          ● The Customer Value Journey

          ● Your Customer Avatar

          ● The Sales Funnel

          ● The Role of Autoresponders

          ● Understanding Autoresponder Software

          ● Branding Yourself

          ● Your Copywriting

          ● Using First Person in Your Call to Action

          ● Using Emotion Triggers in Headlines

          ● Creating Great Headlines

          ● Suggestions for Better Headlines

          ● The Intelligent Advertiser Ebook

          ● Staying Organized with Link Tree

          ● Vocabulary Wheel

          ● Social Media Calendar Ideas

          ● More Social Media Tools

          ● Killer Ideas for Social Media Content

          ● Best Chrome Extensions for Social Media

          ● Best Post Ideas of Social Media Engagement

          ● Irresistible Lead Magnets and Landing Pages

          ● Winning Ad Copy Formulas

          ● 50 Ads that Made Millions

          ● Viral Marketing via Social Media

          ● Social Influence

          ● Integrated Approach about Paid Promotion

          ● Targeting Online Communities

          ● Conclusion and Next Steps

          ➤ Social Media Marketing: Facebook/Meta . . . Value $697

          Facebook is considered the #1 social media platform today. In this course, you'll learn industry best practices for setting up your business page, your groups, and get started setting up your ads. Lots of samples and examples included.  Includes access to our mentors and private forum for Q&A.

          ● Introduction to Facebook Ads

          ● Creating a New Ad Account

          ● Facebook Business Manager Introduction

          ● Two-Factor Authentication

          ● Adding a New Facebook Business Page

          ● Page Permissions

          ● Setting Up 2-Factor Authentication

          ● Adding a Page to the Facebook Business Manager Account

          ● Creating an Ad Account in Facebook Business Manager

          ● Page Permissions and Details

          ● Facebook Ads Strategies and Goals

          ● Page Banner Setup

          ● Where to Get Unlimited Number of Images

          ● How to Set Up Your Facebook Page Screen Name

          ● Facebook Page Call to Action Button and About Section

          ● Difference of Campaigns, Ad Sets, and Ads

          ● Organizing Ads to Build a Fan Base and Grow

          ● Campaign Goals and Choosing Campaign Type

          ● How to Add a Catalog of Products to Your Facebook Page

          ● Publishing Your Store on Your Facebook Page

          ● How to Create a Custom Conversion Event and Tracking Pixel

          ● Create a Campaign with Multiple Ad Sets

          ● Narrowing Your Facebook Ad Targeting

          ● Budgets for Your Ads

          ● Narrowing Down Your Targeting and Expanding Experiments

          ● Running an Ad Directly to Your Product Catalog

          ● When to Not Run Facebook Ads

          ● Dangerous Ad Targeting Pitfall with Real Example

          ● How to Get More Engagement on Your page

          ● Facebook Page and Facebook Groups

          ● How the Facebook Algorithm Works

          ● How to Get More Engagement on Your Posts

          ● Promoting Your Business on Your Personal Profile

          ● Facebook Sales from Your Groups

          ● Facebook Sales from Other People’s Groups

          ● Local Buy and Sell Groups

          ● Signing Up for a Buy Sell Group

          ● How to Post Products in a Buy Sell Group

          ● Results of Posting in a Buy Sell Group

          ● Making Your Facebook Content Visual

          ● Facebook Page Section Introduction

          ● Facebook Page Creation

          ● Your Facebook Profile Image

          ● Setting Up the About Section of Your Page

          ● About Facebook Shops

          ● Your Facebook Banner

          ● Facebook Blueprint Links

          ● Social Media Marketing Workbook

          ● Social Media Engagement Calendar

          ● Best Facebook Ads Templates

          ● Facebook Ads Cheat Sheet

          ➤ Social Media Marketing: YouTube . . . Value $497

          YouTube is a marketer's paradise and extremely easy to get monetized if you set yours up the right way. In this course, you'll get your YouTube account set up and learn industry best practices for marketing like the professionals do.  Includes access to our mentors and private forum for Q&A.

          ● General Information on YouTube

          ● Introduction to YouTube Marketing

          ● What to Do on YouTube on Day One

          ● Introduction to YouTube SEO

          ● Introducing YouTube Recommendation Algorithm

          ● Strategy for Recommending Algorithm on YouTube

          ● Overview of My YouTube Channel

          ● Hashtags in YouTube Videos

          ● Make Your Own Video without Filming Anything

          ● How to Start a YouTube Channel for Your Business

          ● How to Optimize Your YouTube SEO

          ● How to Make Viral Videos for Ultimate Branding

          ● How to Use Featured Content to Increase Your Subscribers and Views

          ● How to Use YouTube Live

          ● How to Use YouTube Ads for High Conversions

          ● Finding the Best Keywords for Your Video

          ● How to Monetize Your YouTube Videos

          ● How to Edit Your YouTube Videos in YouTube Editor

          ● How to Adjust the Length of Your YouTube Video

          ➤ Social Media Marketing: TikTok . . . Value $497

          TikTok is a popular social media app that lets users create, watch, and share short videos. Known for its personalized feed, this infotainment app is growing quickly amongst users. Learn how to make TikTok a part of your social media strategy.  Includes access to our mentors and private forum for Q&A.

          ● Introduction to TikTok

          ● Mobile and Desktop App

          ● Setting Up Your TikTok Profile

          ● Adding TikTok Contacts

          ● TikTok Home Screen Controls

          ● TikTok Search and Explore

          ● Shooting Your Videos with TikTok

          ● Adding Sound to Your Video

          ● Effects Elements for Videos

          ● Adding Text to Your Videos

          ● Adding Stickers

          ● Adding Voiceover

          ● Voice Effects

          ● Adjusting the Clip

          ● Video Filters

          ● Posting Your Video

          ● Uploading From Your Mobile Device

          ● Mobile Screen Capture Video

          ● Additional Settings

          ● Switching to a Pro Account

          ● Recording a Duet Video

          ● Uploading from Desktop

          ● Hints and Tips

          ● Downloads and Resources

          ➤ Social Media Marketing: Pinterest . . . Value $197

          Pinterest is another popular social media search engine that can help deliver your message to the masses. In this course, you'll learn how to tell if Pinterest is right for your type of business and best practices for getting your marketing started.  Includes access to our mentors and private forum for Q&A.

          ● Introduction to Pinterest

          ● How to Create Compelling Pins

          ● How to Optimize Your Pins

          ● How to Get Targeted Followers

          ● How to Hold a Contest on Pinterest

          ● How to Advertise on Pinterest

          ● Growing Your Business on Pinterest

          ➤ Social Media Marketing: Twitter . . . Value $197

          With Twitter being considered one of the top 4 social media search venues and with all the recent changes, this course explores how to determine if it's right for you, how to get your own account set up, and how to start marketing like the pros do.  Includes access to our mentors and private forum for Q&A.

          ● Introduction to Twitter

          ● How to Use Twitter

          ● Find and Organize People You Follow

          ● Set Up Your Profile

          ● Using the Other Features

          ● FAQs

          ● Know the Difference Between Posting and Spamming

          ● Be Clear on What You Are Promoting

          ● Communication and Participation

          ● Learn How to Make the Most of Your Account and Profile

          ● Twitter Video Tutorials (11 total)

          ➤ Social Media Marketing: Reddit . . . Value $97

          Reddit is quickly growing in popularity and there's a great opportunity to use this social media tool for marketing your own business. This course explores how to get set up and start marketing to the masses with easy step-by-step tutorials.  Includes access to our mentors and private forum for Q&A.

          ● Introduction to Reddit

          ● Reddit Video Tutorials (5 total)

          ➤ Social Media Marketing: Quora . . . Value $97

          Quora is a social question and answer website used to gain and share knowledge. It's a platform to ask questions and connect with people who contribute unique insights and quality answers. Learn more about Quora in this complete course.  Includes access to our mentors and private forum for Q&A.

          ● Introduction to Quora

          ● Why Use Quora

          ● Quora Statistics

          ● How to Set Up Your Quora Profile

          ● Common Mistakes with Quora

          ● How to Provide the Most Engaging Content

          ● How to Get the Best Marketing Results

          ● Using Quora Spaces

          ● Using Ads in Quora

          ● Quora Best Practices

          ➤ Social Media Marketing: LinkedIn . . . Value $297

          LinkedIn is one of the best social media search engines for professionals today. In this course, we explore how to tell if LinkedIn is right for you, how to get your account and profile set up professionally, and how to set up your marketing.  Includes access to our mentors and private forum for Q&A. 

          ● Introduction to LinkedIn

          ● Expand Your Network

          ● Your Profile

          ● Targeting Groups

          ● Build Relationships

          ● Build Your Own Group

          ● Mistakes to Avoid

          ● Action Plan

          ● LinkedIn Video Tutorials (22 total)

          ● Your LinkedIn Feed and Updates

          ● Your LinkedIn About Section

          ● Your LinkedIn Images

          ● Customizing Your Message

          ● LinkedIn a Resume Introduction

          ● Growing Your Business Connections

          ● Five Hundred Connections

          ● Listing Your Website in LinkedIn

          ● Changing Your LinkedIn Byline

          ● Your Skills, Endorsements, and Recommendations

          ● Finding Targeted Clients

          ● Requesting Recommendations

          ● Experience and Other Sections

          ● Citations through Company Page

          ● LinkedIn Groups ● Optimize LinkedIn SEO

          ● Using Ads to Generate Leads

          ➤ Social Media Marketing: Other Channels . . . Value $297

          This is the final social media course we offer. In it, we explore some of the miscellaneous, smaller social media platforms that you might want to know about and look at how these might be useful to you in your new online business.  Includes access to our mentors and private forum for Q&A.

          ● Introduction to Snapchat

          ● Snapchat Video Tutorials (6 total)

          ● Hootsuite Video Tutorials (3 total)

          ● Slideshare Video Tutorials (3 total)

          ● Social Media Infographic

          ● Idea Generator

          ● Social Media Engagement Calendar

          ● Social Media Tools

          ➤ Camtasia for Video Editing . . . Value $597

          Why pay thousands for video editing when all you need is Camtasia? Created for the entrepreneur to do professional video editing, this course teaches you the basics and beyond for beautiful, professional videos every time.  Includes access to our mentors and private forum for Q&A.

          ● Introduction to Camtasia

          ● Accessing the Camtasia 9 Interface

          ● Basic Screen Recording and Capture Menu

          ● Recording Toolbar Effects Menu

          ● Tools Menu Option

          ● Recording Toolbar Help Menu

          ● Recorded Inputs

          ● Select Area Section

          ● Brief Example of What Happens

          ● Actual Shoot of a Powerpoint Example

          ● Editing Screen Timeline

          ● Timeline Tools

          ● Editing Screen Using Marketers

          ● Using Marketers for TOC

          ● Adding Quizzes and Surveys

          ● Editing Screen Media Bin and Saving Your Projects

          ● Annotation Element

          ● Transitions

          ● Behaviors

          ● Recording a Brief Video to Show More Effects

          ● Cursor Effects

          ● Voice Narration

          ● Audio Effects

          ● Interactive Hotspot

          ● Quizzes and Surveys

          ● Captions Effect

          ● File Menu - New Project

          ● Open Projects and Project Settings

          ● Library Exports and Imports

          ● Connect Your Mobile Device

          ● Import and Export Zipped Projects

          ● Batch Production

          ● Share Menu - Local File

          ● Screencasting

          ● YouTube, Vimeo, and Google Drive

          ● Custom Production Settings

          ● Recording Basics - Video Capture

          ● Screen Capture

          ● Powerpoint Parts 1 and 2

          ● Recording Your Voice Using Camtasia Studio

          ● Editing Basics

          ➤ Affiliate Marketing . . . Value $697

          Learn all about affiliate marketing in this full-length course. We cover how to make a full-time living with affiliate marketing. Create a full-time income fast in a professional manner with these tips from the expert marketers.  Includes access to our mentors and private forum for Q&A.

          ● Introduction to Affiliate Marketing

          ● How Affiliate Marketing Works

          ● Getting Started with Affiliate Marketing

          ● Choosing Your Niche

          ● Market Research When Choosing Your Niche

          ● Consider Profitability

          ● Watching theTrends

          ● Using Similar Web to Assess Market Metrics

          ● Using SemRush to Assess Market Metrics

          ● Testing: Step 1

          ● Testing - Step 2

          ● Testing - Step 3

          ● Testing - Step 4

          ● Finding Products to Promote

          ● Networks and Marketplaces

          ● Choosing an Affiliate Program

          ● ClickBank

          ● WSO Pro

          ● Amazon Marketplace

          ● Commission Junction

          ● Share A Sale

          ● Other Networks

          ● Getting Traffic

          ● Blogging

          ● Your Email List

          ● Article Marketing

          ● Classified Ads

          ● Social Networking

          ● Transition from Affiliate Marketer to Product Creator

          ● JVZoo

          ● Evaluating Different Products

          ● Finding Great Products

          ● How to Tell a Bad Offer from a Good Offer

          ● Getting Started as a Vendor

          ● JVZoo Agreements

          ● Additng a Product as a Vendor

          ● Adding an Account

          ● Finding Products to Promote

          ● Choosing an Affiliate Program

          ● Networks and Marketplaces

          ● Marketing Your Affiliate Product

          ● 3 Things All Affiliate Marketers Need to Survive

          ● Using PPC to Market

          ● Using Recommendations

          ● Using Video for Marketing

          ● More Marketing Ideas

          ● Split Testing

          ● Promote Using Content Marketing

          ● Set Up Your Email Autoresponder

          ● Using Direct Marketing

          ● Advanced Affiliate Marketing Techniques

          ● Getting Your Affiliate Link

          ● Your 48 Hour Action Plan

          ● Action Plan Summary

          ● Your Affiliate Websites

          ● Building Your Landing Page

          ● Using Persuasive Writing to Make More Sales

          ● Start Running an Affiliate Program for Extra Profits

          ● Map Out the Affiliates’ Value

          ● Engagement with Respected Influencers

          ● Affiliate Management Links

          ● Checklist

          ● Your Resources Cheatsheet

          ➤ Your Coaching Business . . . Value $697

          Coaching is one of the fastest growing professions in the online industry today. With this course, you'll be able to narrow down your specialty and set up your coaching business the right way. Includes marketing and coaching set up steps to success.  Includes access to our mentors and private forum for Q&A.

          ● What is Coaching?

          ● What Can Coaches Do

          ● What Niches are Best

          ● How is Online Coaching Done

          ● How Much Can You Make Coaching

          ● How Much to Charge for Coaching

          ● When to Do One-on-One Coaching

          ● Advantages and Disadvantages of Individual Coaching

          ● Ideas for Individual Coaching

          ● When to Do Group Coaching

          ● Advantages and Disadvantages of Group Coaching

          ● Ideas for Setting Up Group Coaching

          ● Facebook Coaching Groups

          ● Advantages and Disadvantages of Facebook Group Coaching

          ● How to Set Up a Facebook Group

          ● Coaching Via Email

          ● Advantages and Disadvantages of Coaching via Email

          ● Promoting Your Email Coaching Business

          ● Video-Based Coaching Introduction

          ● Types of Video Coaching

          ● Ideas for Video-Based Coaching

          ● Ideas for Income-Based Coaching

          ● Life Coaching Introduction

          ● Life Coaching Clients

          ● Coaching Multiple People at Once

          ● Sales Funnel for Coaches

          ● How to Promote Your Online Coaching Business

          ● Marketing Ideas

          ● The Difference Between a $3K offer and a $30K Offer

          ● Building Your Personal Brand

          ● Proper Business Etiquette for Startups

          ● Checklist for Coaching

          ● More Resources for Coaches

          ● 50 Ads that Made Millions for Coaches and Consultants

          ● The Ideal Sales Call Script

          ● Five Free Mental Health Giveaways You Can Download and Use

          ● Free Content for Your Coaching Business (Articles Based on Specialty)

          ➤ Blogging Like a Pro . . . Value $997

          Learn expert blogging secrets in this overview of all things about blogging. You'll be able to start your own blog or add it to an existing website. Then learn how to successfully market and monetize it.

          Includes access to our mentors and private forum for Q&A.

          ● Introduction and Welcome

          ● Course Objectives

          ● What is a Blog?

          ● Choosing the Right Topic/Niche

          ● How Can Blogging Be Profitable?

          ● Choosing a Domain Name that Gets Your Blog Noticed

          ● Choosing a Blog Name

          ● Starting to Write for Your First Blog

          ● Examples of Successful Blogs

          ● Deciding on a Platform

          ● Setting Up Your Blog Site

          ● Getting Your Own Host and Setting Your Blog Up Properly

          ● A Case Study

          ● Know Your Audience

          ● What to Write About

          ● Determining Your Blog Topics

          ● Writing for Your Blog

          ● Types of Blogs and Blog Posts

          ● Writing Sponsored Reviews

          ● Creating Amazing Content

          ● Creating Graphics and Images

          ● Brainstorming for Ideas

          ● Writer’s Tools

          ● Keyword and Content Research

          ● Creating Viral Content for Your Blog

          ● Checking Your Blog for Plagiarism

          ● Guest Blogging, Forums, and Comments

          ● Launching a Guest-Blogging Link-Building Campaign

          ● Promoting Your Blog and Driving Traffic

          ● A Proven Blog Strategy that Works in Any Niche

          ● Email Marketing for Your Blog

          ● The Basics of Email Marketing

          ● Overview of the Different Types of Emails

          ● Building Your Email List

          ● Autoresponders

          ● Monetizing Your Blog

          ● Making Money with Your Blog

          ● More Monetizing Your Blog

          ● How to Make Money from Your Blog Sustainably

          ● Google Adsense

          ● Set Up Your Shopping Cart and Accounts

          ● Design a Media Kit for Your Blog

          ● Secrets for Successful Blogging

          ● 4 Reasons Why People Don’t Read Your Blog

          ● How to Identify Influencers Within a Niche

          ● An Example of Exceptional Content

          ● Networking

          ● Social Media Marketing for Your Blog

          ● Setting Up Your RSS Feed

          ● Basic SEO for Your Blog

          ● Understanding Analytics

          ● Analyzing Your Blogs Performance

          ● Common Mistakes for Bloggers

          ● What Should You Put in Your Navigation Bar

          ● What Tech Do You Really Need to Run an Online Business

          ● Why You Need a Mailing List and Giveaway

          ● Getting Started with Viral Content

          ● Mistakes to Avoid When You Start a Blog

          ● Using Content Syndication to Get Constant Traffic

          ● Writing on Medium

          ● Vocabulary Wheel

          ● Great Links for Bloggers

          ● Great Stock Images Links

          ● Million Dollar Marketer Blog Checklist

          ➤ Making Money with ChatGPT . . . Value $29

          Artificial intelligence is here and it's what today's marketers are using to grow their business fast. In this complete video series, we'll explore the capabilities of ChatGPT and how to use it to make your online business grow.

          ● Introduction To ChatGPT

          ● ChatGPT Conversations

          ● Google Talk to Books

          ● Work Around for Up-to-Date Information

          ● Choosing a Sales Letter Framework

          ● Asking for Image Prompts

          ● Canva Text to Image for Chat GPT Sales Presentation

          ● Using Chat GPT to Write Headlines and Subheadlines

          ●Thank You Page Script

          ● Launch Emails to Customers

          ● Launch Emails to Affiliates

          ● Create a Script for a Sales Video

          ● A.I. with PowerPoint Presentation - Rehearse with Coach

          ● A.I. with PowerPoint - Design and Accessibility

          ● Write a Welcome Email

          ● Suggest a Layout and Order for the Sales Page

          ● Suggestions for Colors and Background for the Sales Page Layout

          ● Earnings Disclaimers

          ● Creating the Copy for the Opt-in Page Text

          ● Creating the Opt-in Email with Sales Message

          ● Sales Letter

          ● Webinar

          ● Sales Emails

          ● Subject Lines for Emails

          ● Cold Outreach Emails

          ● Newsletters

          ● Onboarding Email

          ● Cart Abandonment Email

          ● Welcome Email

          ● Webinar Announcement Email

          ● Product Ideas

          ● Customer Avatar

          ● Content Calendar

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  • Online Coaches

  • Web Designers

  • Virtual Assistants

  • Social Media Managers

  • Affiliate Marketers

  • Writers and Authors

  • Online Course Owners

  • Video Marketers

  • E-commerce Store Owners

  • Dropshipping businesses

  • SEO Business Owners

  • Marketplace Owners

  • Podcasters

  • Service Businesses

  • App Developers

  • And EVEN MORE!


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    A well-rounded complete digital marketing education all in one place, to get your questions answered and help you succeed in your online business.

    What you see here is just some of what you'll receive.

    Here's Our Limited Time Offer . . . Only $77/month

    When you ENROLL TODAY, you get our introductory rate forever*

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